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Time Passes so quickly
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Very Happy Hello all just wanted to say hello to all fellow hothouse flowers friends.. I have loved the group ever since the late 80s as it was my girlfriend at the time favourite group and she would listen to there album back to back or should I say side to side as it was on vinyl lol. I was hooked as was she and my love for the group grew more as it was my last year in school and we had managed to get tickets to see the flowers and liam play at the Empire liverpool and more as time rolled on and when my girl at the time broke up with me it was then id play there songs to remind me of all the good times we had.

People- was her fave album and to honest I was glad when they brought out Home - 1990 as it was then I had my own album to enjoy and claim them as my group lol Embarassed I think the new album at the time was just brilliant even tho I had loved the people album Home was deffo more me.

I was hooked then and every time hothouse flowers played liverpool the empire or royal court I would try my best to get tickets and dance right at the front like a loonatic I think liam would spot me raving with him as he done his dance there is nothing like being in the front with the flowers belting out choon after choon.

Songs From the Rain - 1993 was an album that is very close to my heart as this was the year I lost my nan to cancer and the songs from the album just seemed to reflect especialy emotional time as it was the song played in the car after I had been to see her after she had passed and that has always stayed with me.Rolling Eyes

There where so many good songs on that album and it was hard to think how hothouse flowers could follow up such a brilliant album But it was almost 5 years before I got my next fix with Born - in 98 but was well worth the wait a more electronic feel it was what I had been waiting for turn up the reverb i certainly did well the volume Laughing Laughing

At last was deffo one song i sung over and over again.. then onto into your heart and liams solo albums you just cant get enough of the hothouse flowers or liams solo stuff every song has a meaning and they all mean something diffrent to everyone and im sure they all mean something diffrent to you but i bet you just love them all like me Wink Wink Wink
Post Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:27 pm
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