Andrea - Vocals

Andrea has performed as a solo artist at weddings and events, including fronting a Duffy tribute act, to high acclaim, over the past few years. Her sensational presence on stage coupled with a versatile and passionate delivery makes this Warrington kitty a frontwoman to remember.

Ste - Guitar & Vocals

Ste has performed in various funk and soul bands for nearly 2 decades in clubs, weddings and at corporate events. Ste's soaring guitar solo's and non-stop grooves set this hep cat above the rest. Groove impresario Ste is at the forefront of crafting the Midnight Cats signature compositions.

Joe - Bass

Joe has been in a variety of original and cover bands for the past 9 years supporting acts such as Kate Nash, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Misty's Big Advenure and The Pigeon Detectives. The kitten of the band has built a solid reputation across the North-West in session and live work, renowned for creating bass lines that are the cats pyjamas!

Mike - Drums & Vocals

Mike has a wealth of experience in rock, funk and soul bands having played every club and dance hall from Bangor to Bolton, and he can certainly tell you a tail or two! The pulse behind the Midnight Cats dynamic show wows audiences with his tight rhythms and precision timing.