Debbie Parkinson, Education Development Officer, Citizenship and Healthy Schools, Wigan Council :

'Michael prepares sessions in great detail and has a good affinity with the groups of young people with which he works. Sessions are fun and young people enjoy them. Learning takes place in line with elements of the National Curriculum and enhances PSHE and Citizenship Education.'

Miss Diamond, Y2 teacher, Ysgol Bryn Deva, Connah's Quay, Wales :

'It was beneficial for me to observe the children taking part in activities. It was interesting watching the dynamics of the group and observing how they work with children that they may not always work with.'

Julia McCrory, Y4 Teacher, Leigh Sacred Heart Primary, Lancashire :

'Was initially apprehensive but Mike put us at ease and the activities were fine. Particularly enjoyed the water activity - nothing like water running into your shoe and along your sleeve of your sweater to help you relax and laugh!!'

Christine Rodgers, Deputy Headteacher and Y5 teacher, Ysgol Bryn Hedydd, Rhyl, Wales :

'Good clear structure and activities, interesting and challenging. Particularly good to see that you are firmly in charge of irritating behaviours. Important that the students realise the importance of listening and when they have been told to follow a simple instruction. Very worthwhile.'

Dee Bartholomew, HLTA, Ysgol Bryn Hedydd, Rhyl, Wales :

'What a fabulous afternoon Y5 have had. A real opportunity to look at how we are around others and to learn form others. As a member of staff I could see how the stronger characters can dominate a task and how others relate to that character. Also it was good to see otherwise quieter pupils having an opportunity to have a say. An excellent and min opening afternoon!'

Y5 pupil, Ysgol Bryn Hedydd, Rhyl, Wales :

'A good team will listen to each other's ideas and be kind to each other and not argue. Today I learnt that when you listen to each other's ideas you get along more. It is good to listen to others because they might have a very good idea.'

Christine Nash, Reception and PSHE+C Co-ordinator, St Johns Primary, Pemberton, Lancashire :

'I was a little dubious at first about involvement for Reception but the session was brilliant as all children were kept active and involved. We will follow up main ideas in class - of helping/listening to each other and teamwork.'

Huw T. Jones, Ysgol Bryn Deva, Connah's Quay, Wales :

'Michael has worked with our KS2 children - providing them with useful and highly effective team building sessions. Open Minds training sessions are now embedded into our annual timetable. Highly recommended!'

Howard King, Y6 teacher, Shadsworth Primary, Blackburn:

'Session raised many issues regarding 'cohesion' or lack of it that has developed throughout the years. All tasks set could be re-used later in term or adapted for other year groups. Incidents occurring at latter end of session were dealt with sensitively and appropriately. A great afternoon and would be interested in arranging more sessions in the future!'

Y6 pupil, Shadsworth Primary, Blackburn:

'I think today was marvelous. I loved it so much I would like to do it again.'